Children Unique Design Indoor Playground Case

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More attractive indoor playgrounds are with good designs and colorful in appearance. There is an indoor playground with good design and decoration. It is distinct from ordinary indoor playgrounds.

As can be seen in the picture, its colors are combined with blue and red. There is a spiral slide with red and trasparent. Kids can slide down from the second floor made by a round attic, which looks like space theme area. The pillars are made by white soft foam steel pipe packing. The large pillar in the middle of the slide is packed with zebra crossing pattern. The floor is covered by green grass and zebra crossing rubber flooring. Zebra crossing rubber flooring is rare to be seen in any other indoor playgrounds.

There is a ocean pool here with a big slide here. It is not like the ordinary vertical plastic slide but the bend slide made by plastic. The edge of balls pool is painted with white and black colors surrounding all of the balls pool. On the second floor, there is a long way from the entrance to the slide, which is like a channel. Around the channel, glass is used for keeping safety. The whole channel is covered by the glass with one by one holes. Kids can look out from the holes on the glass.

The second picture shows the rest area. On the left side, you can see the bakery area here. Customers can see in front of the bakery shop and order juice and food here. The decoration of this part is attractive as well. On the right side , it is the door leading to the rest space. The door looks like a tunnel with zebra crossing wallpapers. Bakery shop is designed with pink, which makes the whole area look warm and special.

Toddler area is set at the indoor playground as well. On the left side, there are some toys, books and garniture put on the bookselves. In front of the area, this is a entrance for entering the toddler space. This area is for rest as well. When kids are tired, they can come here for enjoying the quiet space. There are three clouds light hanging on the ceilling. The right side is designed for bookselves as well. There are two frames here for bags and books.

Large sand pit and four round shape trampolines are set behind the slides. You can see the picture, this is sand pit on the right side. The sand pool is cassia seed. Using cassia seeds as the sand can avoid that kids eat the real sand by mistake. As we know, cassia seed is edible, so don’t worry that kids will eat the inedible real sand.

Next to this sand pool, there are four round trampolines there surrounding with safety nets. Safety nets are used for protecting kids jumping out of the indoor playgrounds. Also, balloons are hung in the air for decoration the playground. Make it look more colorful and enhance atmosphere.

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