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The amusement trampoline park can be customized according to your play zone size and demands.

Model: XJ1004-X023
Size: Customized

Konsumen bisa mendapatkan layanan konsultasi secara gratis mulai dari penentuan pilihan produknya, desainnya, bagaimana pengoperasiannya ataupun beberapa masalah lainnya yang mungkin dihadapi terkait playground tersebut.

Product Description

Commercial Amusement Children Indoor Trampoline with Soft Play is a widely known playground item, it’s very popular among adults and children. And the jump trampoline park has become one of the ways of daily life activities for many people, it has large scale, advanced facilities and complete projects. With the trampoline park, people can relax themselves in the air, movements can be breathtaking, posture can be very beautiful, it is a fun amusement device that combines stimulation and relaxation.

After production and delivery, we also could send installation technician to do installation in abroad as well.

Main Material:

Custom Design: Free of Charge

1. If there don’t have obstacles of area, customers can just offer us the length*width*height of the play area.

2. Customers should offer CAD drawing plan showing the specific play area dimensions, marking out the location and size of pillars, entry & exit, theme choosing.

3. A clear hand-drawing is also acceptable.

4. Layers the most is three, the height at least more than 3.5M.

OEM/ODM: Available 

Popular Equipment of Trampoline Park:

Production time:

It depends on trampoline size you ordered. Usually wintin 7-15 working days after received your deposit.

Usage scope :

special for kindergarten , residential park , school amusement park ,family and sports playground


20-50 square meters for about 10-20 children,

50-100 square meters  for about 15-30 children,
100-200 square meters  for about 30-40 children,
More than 200 square meters  about 50-100 children



Before delivery from our factory, we will install the trampoline frame and test it to make sure every part works well with another. We also mark the length of pipes with labels before delivery which will be useful when you do the installation. If you need further support, we can send a professional technician to do the installation for you. 


1. Plastic parts: in batt & thin film

2. Steel pipe structure: in batt & thin film.

3. Fastenings and screws: in carton.

4. Other small items: in carton


By sea ( sample by express)

20GP (capacity: 25-28CBM), 40GP(capacity: 55-58CBM), 40HQ (capacity: 65-68CBM)

More informations, pls feel free to contact us! 


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